Energy Procurement

Secure the lowest price and most preferential terms, conditions and product structures for the customer facilities in each deregulated market for both electric and natural gas.

Energy Efficiency

Facility and operations review identifying opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, assess and implement energy efficiency projects.


C&I Energy Partners’ strategy is to meet the growing range of energy needs for residential and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers in deregulated markets in the US.
C&I Energy Partners is ranked #1 in Texas and the top 3 nationally based upon total volumes managed according to KEMA Channel Partners Survey Report.

About Us

More than 15 years in business specializing in Energy Markets (Electricity and Gas) negotiating prices and becoming experts in our field for business clients.

We offer a complimentary service that saves you time and money, while giving you full access to our extensive knowledge of the current (and past) Energy Market.

We start by providing our customers with tailored energy solutions. Then we complement that flexibility with ongoing service and expert advice at absolutely no cost to the customer.

Power and Natural Gas Procurement, Energy Efficiency, Power Factor Correction, Demand Response, Solar, Data Analytics and Monitoring.

Ready to Begin...

Getting started is easy:

  1. Complete a signed “Letter of Authority
  2. Provide a recent copy of a bill (front & back) for each site

…that’s it!

Once we have the data, we will discuss your current Contract considering if any additional requirements are needed in your next contract.

As part of our procurement process, we not only provide a full comparative cost analysis of all prices offered, but we also check and provide a fully comprehensive energy analysis report.

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